CELT-P (Certificate in English Language Teaching – Primary)

CELT-P is a 150-hour course (1.500 €), which combines online study and teaching practice. You can see descriptions of each course component below.
There are 27 hours of additional material for teachers to extend and practise what they have learned during the online course, which is delivered face-to-face in a webinar.

Nine online modules (120 hours)
- Key concepts and principles
- A range of activities that engage participants with course content
- Regular progress tests to check learning

Face-to-face webinar (27 hours)
- Extension of the online materials
- Practice activities and support

A practical written task for each online module
- A range of tasks in which participants apply their online learning in their classroom

Teaching recorded observations (3 hours)
- Developmental feedback from trainers
- Consolidation of online learning
  • Grundstufe I
  • Grundstufe II
  • Sekundarstufe I
  • Grundstufe I
  • /Grundstufe II
  • /Sekundarstufe I
  • Lernen
  • Sprache
  • Lernen
  • /Sprache
  • Fortbildung
  • Fortbildung
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  • Lehrer*innen
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CELT‑P (Certificate in English Language Teaching – Primary)

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